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What are The Web, The Net and Web Sites ?

Thousands of computers around the world are permanently connected to one another and so can exchange information. This is called The Internet (or The Net), and includes Electronic Mail (E-mail) and The World Wide Web (WWW).

The Web is a collection of 'specially-written' pages containing highlighted words/images, which can be clicked-on with a mouse to allow you to jump to other pages anywhere in the world.

A Web Site is a group of these pages. In December 2000 it was estimated that there were at least 500 billion pages on the web.

How do I get connected ?

These days most people have broadband access to the internet, often provided as part of a telephone or TV package where the internet access may be advertised as 'free', where a rental is payed for a package of services (which may in clude any combination of telephone, TV, mobile phone and internet access)

IIt is still possible to access the net via 'dial up access' but this is becoming much less of a practical proposition these days and perhaps should be avoided under normal circumstances.

So why use The Web ?

  • Because so many people now use their computers to find information about goods and services they may want to buy.

  • You cannot afford not to advertise this way.

  • What have you to lose ??

  • What have you to gain ??

I am interested !   What can I do now ?

There are many good Internet Service Providers but remember that specialises in keeping things as simple as possible for the smaller organisation who may be considering this for the first time or may have a limited budget.

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