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Domain Name Registrations

We can register a Private Domain Name, for instance   your-name.co.uk  or  your-name.org.uk.  These have to be registered with a central authority and incur a charge every two years - see price guide.

If you do not wish to register a private domain name we can still provide a sub-domain such as  your-name.slft.co.uk  where the  your-name  part is your choice ( provided it has not already been taken ).  
Sub-domains are free of charge with our web-space.

Summary of Services

Web space

For an annual fee, we can supply space on a Server for your web pages
see price guide

E-mail addresses

If you have a private domain name registered you can have a free e-mail address such as  anything@your-name.co.uk.

For sub-domains the format would be  anything@your-name.slft.co.uk.

E-mail addresses are available separately from webspace - see price guide.

Web page construction

A new web site would include a Home page and a number of others.
The Home Page and all the set-up required for the web site is free of charge if you rent web space from us (included in the web space annual fee).
Subsequent pages are priced individually depending upon complexity.

An annual charge is made for hosting web pages on our servers.

Search Engines & Directories

If you use our web space, we will submit your website to a number of popular search engines free of charge for one year.

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